I have completed all four water bottle holders I have been working on for the trip to France at the end of the month.

Just to recap: I am made one for my dear mother, one for my dear daughter, one for a student of my dear mothers and of course one for me!

I don’t know who will end up using which one but they are all different that way we don’t get the mixed up (and I was able to use my larger scraps this way! yippee!).

As you can see there is a teal and white one (short button on strap), a purple and gray one (long strap), a black and white one (short button strap) and a yellow and white one (long strap). I had more purple than I thought I did so I made a small five pedal flower and attached to the purple and grey one.

I am so excited for this trip I am thinking about making myself a bag/purse!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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  1. Lagos says:

    Off course no one wants to mix up their bottle carriers. Great knitting skills! Ive tried knitting a sock before and I had some calculation difficulties and had a patch to cover the hole of my creation.


  2. How clever! And have a WONDERFUL trip! 🙂


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