I am looking for the perfect carry all bag for our trip I would like to put a pocket in the very bottom so that I can keep my passport in there (it would at least make me feel like I am less likely to lose it). I would also like to be able to zip it closed … not to much to ask … I hope.

So begins my search on Ravelry. I love this place, because there are so many wonderful patterns you can always find what you are looking for and several things you weren’t but now you can’t live without. I am on a tight budget so I always search the free patterns first (I have never had to go beyond that, but there are several paid ones on my wishlist).

After doing my search I am thinking maybe a small wallet on a long strap to place around our necks would be better … I don’t know?

These are some of the ones I am looking at please take the poll at the end of the photos!

Cash N Cards Case Wallet by Suzett

Crochet Beach Bag by Coats & Clark

Crochet Ripple Bag by Michele Maks

Simple Messenger Bag by Kynthia Guerra

129-4 Bag in “Lin” with butterfly in “Muskat”

Summer Bag by Jellina Verhoeff

Tarot Bag with Flap and Catch by Karen Shelley

Travel Makeup Bag by Amber Haskins


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  1. J6891 says:

    I also love Ravelry! It’s my first stop for new patterns… Or even just to browse and add them to my faves!


    • Tami says:

      Isn’t it such a great place! I love the forums too …. “especially Your ugliest FO?” that one really makes me feel good when I have made a mistake!


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