I often find myself in the bookstore looking at not only crochet magazines but also crochet books. There are several that I would like to look into in depth (I always feel like I am cheating looking at the book in the store).

For instance, I saw this one today and the urge to buy it just overwhelmed me.

I think the biggest thing that drew me to it was that is was like granny squares but in a multitude of shapes!

But, I have a fairly small house and have been on a kick to go all digital the past few years and I must say that there are really only a few of my favorite books around. I figured that if I really did want the feel of a “real” book I could go to the local library and check it out! I must say though, these crafting and especially crochet books just keep popping out at me. 

Then there are these great sites like Ravelry that if you saw my last post you know I love! 

membership to these sites are free! And if you ever have any trouble there are so many wonderful members that are always willing to point you in the right direction and help you out!

So my question to you today is do you use books, internet or both?


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3 responses »

  1. Both. But I’ve recently picked up on books.


  2. J6891 says:

    Both! Even with patterns from books the community on Ravelry can still be helpful if you get stuck!


  3. marissafh says:

    Both. Books for stay-at-home projects, digital for on-the-go projects.


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