Well, I must say I was a little disappointed that the Crochet Ripple Bag by Michele Maks won not because I don’t think it is beautiful (Actually, it is the one I liked the look of the most) it is. My reason for being disappointed is that I am not that skilled yet, and this pattern is rated intermediate … but it won so I am going to give it a try

Try is exactly what I am doing. my first attempt I was feeling quite proud after the first row was done and it was actually zig-zaged! So, I kept going and I thought I was doing ok till I lifted it up to show Glen. Somehow this is what ended up in my hand:

Where did that turn come from? I swear I was following the pattern! @#$%, I used two blues and I can’t really tell what I have already done ….oh well, guess I will rip it out :(.  After pulling it out I decided that I would still use the dark blue but I would switch the brighter blue for an off white I have. That way if I mess up again maybe I won’t feel I need to pull the whole thing out and start over.

Ok, take two, I start with the dark blue again. I am happy, but won’t let myself be excited yet because I only have one row done and I don’t want to be left with disappointment again. but hey now I am on the 11ᵀᴴ row and it is still looking right.

Okay! I have decided that I can do this! This is how far I have actually gotten so far will continue to work as I can tonight and tomorrow and send pics again!

If you are also working on this please let me know where you are on it and if you have had any issues.

If you aren’t share with me a time when you tried something you thought might be too complicated, what trials did you have?


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  1. J6891 says:

    It’s looking really nice so far! Looking forward to seeing the FO!


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