Our trip to France was a dream come true! I had planned on posting from there but honestly even if I could of gotten our wifi to work in the hotels I was exhausted from walking all over that beautiful country! I did take several photos of different crocheted items I saw. Some were on the street, in store windows and even on dogs! Unfortunately, our camera got lost. Of course I had not yet downloaded the photos yet I will be searching the internet for some similar things to some of my favorites.

I did crochet a scarf while on the bus in France. I gave it to our guide because she said it was her favorite color.

What has everyone been up to while I was gone?


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  1. J6891 says:

    What a shame you lost your camera! Glad you had a nice time though! What a lovely thing to give the driver the scarf x


    • Tami says:

      Yes, it was sad to lose the camera but there were so many great people on the trip with us that they are sharing. Just wish I had a photo of the scarf. It was nothing fancy but I was proud of it!


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