Hello again everyone,

I have been working on a floral fashion scarf.

It is extra long by design so that it can be worn several different ways. Each step of the way I lay it out and explain what else I plan to do with it and my dear Glenii (bless his heart) looks at me like “Do you need a woman to talk to?”

So I am bringing it to you to get your opinion.

I pinned the flowers on. I already had two leaves sewn on and begged my daughter to model it for me. (It didn’t take much convincing.)

So here are the pics tell me what you think should I:

add more leaves

take off the two leaves I have

make it shorter

add more flowers

take some flowers off

any opinion you I have I would really love some feed back






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4 responses »

  1. What a lovely and clever project! 🙂


  2. Oh wow! That is soooo cute! I especially like how you have it wrapped around the neck once and let the ends trail. Great call on the blue and yellow color scheme, too!


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