I actually haven’t worked on this for the past couple of days I am trying to catch up on ungraded papers, but I really wanted you all to know how happy I am with how it is turning out.


I am much happier with the sock weight yarn it makes it sooooo much less bulky. I also decided to make it a bit shorter and put a strip that goes over the top to help hold in larger things like smart phones! All I have left it to sew on some buttons.  Since I used the hdc chain 1 and repeat pattern I don’t even have to make any button holes! YIPPEE! I really for some reason dislike making button holes!

as far as a how to for this I used a sock weight yarn, as before mentioned. I chained to length for the arm it is going on. Then, hdc in the second stitch from the hook , chain one.  *Skip one chain in hook, hdc, chain one.* and repeated till the end of the chain then chain one and turn.

On the second and all following rows hdc in the gap from the previous row (under the chain 1). then chain one continuing on until I got the desired width of the armband chaining one at the end of each row before turning.

I then just stitched the ends together.

For the pocket I used my own smart phone and chained a length that would fit it and followed the same pattern as the band and whip stitched it into place. The same theory applies to the strap that goes over the top.

It was really simple and I am sure my niece is going to love it!





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