In my last post, I showed you the hat I just finished for my stepdaughter. Of course, if  I make her something I need to make something for her brother I thought I would make something simple maybe with stripes. (Honestly, I wasn’t real sure what to do.) He and my son are only about 6 months apart in age and they are a lot alike in many ways neither really wear hats often and both are (like many young boys) mostly interested in video games.

I did however, find that his favorite colors are red and black so off to Ravelry I went! I found a pattern I liked and thought was generic enough to not get it wrong and custom enough (with the colors) for it to be something special, it the the skater beanie

I decided I would use black and put the three stripes in red. Simple right. No I have already used my black yarn I was saving and honestly I have promised my DH that I would not buy any more yarn till the first of the year. (more of a challenge for me than a promise to him!)

So, I picked up a variegated grey and black and started making a hat without a pattern. Now, I think I have made it to small! AHHHH! This morning is not working out the way I wanted it to at all!

I have past the point of tearing it out and other than the size I kinda like it! I will finish it and put it in my completed projects, then if I need a hat I have one!

In the mean time, I need your help! I am looking for something that he might like I would love to do something not so generic but I am not sure what his favorite game is or even how long it will be his favorite! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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