I know I am usually doing crochet, but yesterday we (my daughter and I) were cleaning out my sewing area it was slowly creeping out into living space! We found he favorite pair of jeans that she has out grown. They were tossed into the scrap pile with the idea of making a purse out of them like the one I had as a small girl.

I quickly scooped them up and started sewing! (One of many reasons I don’t get things done, I get sidetracked too easily!) But, with the help of my DH not only did the purse get worked on but the sewing area was completed! Thank you, Honey!

Here is the purse so far it is done we just need to embellish!


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11 responses »

  1. SUPER cute!!! And I love that the belt is still on it! 🙂


  2. Lori says:

    Totally cool Tami!


  3. stitchknit says:

    Very cute…..as I remember, very 60’s.
    Want to come clean out my sewing room now? 🙂


  4. […] sewing?! (tanglewithtami.wordpress.com) […]


  5. LubbyGirl says:

    Oh, this is adorable! I love making these and seeing what other folks do when they make them. Did you put a lining in? I love pockets and always add a zipper inside pocket.


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