I have looked at the computer at the end of the day for the past several days and repeated these words:
“Oh, I didn’t finish my hat and infinity scarf.” I am waiting to finish before I make another post.
So, last night I asked my DH to take a photo of me working on it.


“I will post weather finished or not! ”

You see, for the past week I have been working on this. I don’t know why my emotions have been so discombobulated lately, but they have been. I am doing a pattern on this scarf that is 5 rows of SC, 10 rows of what I have been calling granny stitch, 5 rows of SC, 2 rows granny stitch, and repeat until desired length.
Problem I was having, I would get a couple rows in to the granny stitches and decide I didn’t like it the way it was. So I would commence pulling it out and start all over just to do it again. I must of done it at least 100 times.
Until I realized yesterday it was something wrong with me.
I was thinking about my Auntie more and more which always triggers my depression. I think that as I was pulling it out I was hoping to erase each thought I had just had.


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