My daughter has wanted to be a cowgirl since last Halloween and we were able to get her a costume from the store at 75% off last year on the after sales we were lucky. She didn’t grow out of it like my son did the pirate costume he picked!

So we just added an extra petticoat some glitter and braided her hair the night before so it would be “soft and wavey” (her description).

Michael’s took a little more work. Like I mentioned he grew out of his store bought one so he finally decided on being a zombie (this really came as no surprise).

We started on the 29th with a t shirt, some scissors, an bike intertube, and a who knew how old can of great stuff (expanding foam).


We started spraying the foam horizontalyonto the belly of the shirt after pinning the bike tire on with safety pins.

The spray foam didn’t expand like we had hoped but we let it dry and painted it anyway. We also shaved a spot out of his head and glued ( with school glue) a paper brain to it.
We are blessed to live in a neighborhood that still does trick or treat so the whole family walked for a couple of hours collecting candy. They both got wonderful compliments on their costumes and Michael was so proud that his was homemade he told anyone and everyone who would listen.




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