I have decided to open this blog up to all the ways I am tangled in my life (don’t worry it will still include crocheting) from homeschooling to depression and everything in between.

The kids and I have added art to our homeschooling curriculum.  I have always loved art that the ability it has not only to let us show who we are but to teach us to think outside of the box.

There are several blogs that I follow that include subjects such as gardening, cooking, art, crocheting, well just about anything that makes me smile or that I think might help me out with the things that I love to do.

I recently read one on homeschooling that suggested kids do a self portraiture but of one of their hands and include one other object that told something about themselves. and they continued each lesson learning about another artist and doing another in the style of that artist.

We started last week with their own style I posted it on my personal page on Facebook to see if our friends and family could figure out who did which artwork. (it wasn’t that hard because one is an 10 yr old girl and the other a 12 yr old boy.) Here is the photo from last week.



This week we did Andy Warhol, (in crayon) we are on one of those trips to my parents and I don’t have all my stuff with me because we had planned to be home before today but DH has a deer to butcher so we are taking an extra day.

So, here is this weeks see if you can figure out who did which?





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