As a homeschooling mom part of my main goal is to make sure that my children have good character (of course all parents want that for their children). To try to achieve this, I have a weekly character lesson. We have been looking at George Washington’s 110 Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation.  (as seen at

The first lesson we used these rules we read simply read through them and rephrase them in a way that a 10 and 12 year could understand what they were saying, and discussed whether or not they thought they still apply today.

The second lesson they each chose one of the rules that they thought they needed to improve on the most, came up with a way to help themselves to do that, and worked on it throughout the week.

This week we had some issues with apologizing and meaning it. Which I thought fit very well into number 20. “Your body’s posture and gestures should harmonize with what you are saying”.  We discussed how that they could make an apology more sincere.

I had recently read Restitution Consequences (part 3) by Jim and Lynne Jackson at connected  which deals with this very subject. I decided I would work with what I could remember from this article (this weeks talk/lesson took place in the car between Gore, OK and OKC, OK. about a 2 1/2 hour drive). I explained (again) that the words I’m sorry means nothing if your don’t show that you truly are sorry.

So this week the kids are to (when they owe someone an apology)

  1. apologize verbally while making eye contact
  2. think of something on their own that they can do to make up for what they have done
  3. then make and deliver an apology card.

                      This apology card is to not only say that they are sorry but also what they are sorry for. Then, it is to have a list of at least 10  positive things about the person (because I once read that it takes at least 10 positive things to negate 1 negative one)

I must admit I am excited to see how this all turns out.


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