That or I just didn’t keep up with my crafting schedule! I am leaning toward me not keeping up. My crying days out numbered my creative days. If you will remember I had planned to make hats and mittens for all the kids (nieces and nephews that haven’t already started families of their own). Well I did get 2 hats and one and a half pair of mittens made. I ended up giving one of the hats to my nephew for his birthday instead. To my surprise he seemed to love it! he kept it on his head for the entire time we were there! 

and yes his is the one that I only got one mitten done for (I honestly was not happy with the first mitten)

The other hat and full set of mittens are for his sister 

these are honestly the items I am most proud of and can’t wait to see them on her!

Then there is the armband challenge from my other niece I think I did pretty well on


yes I still need to sew the buttons on!

But, I was left with no gift for my nephew after giving him the hat for his birthday.

I decided since I haven’t been doing to well on my crocheting that I would make him a personalized pillow. Here is what I did:

I printed his name out on paper in the desired font. (I just used word for this)

I decided to use denim since it seems masculine to me and I had an abundance of outgrown jeans lingering in my sewing bin. I cut off both legs and cut out the large bulky seam leaving me with 2 pieces of denim. I took the first piece and turned it right side down on my table and cut out each letter from the paper.

Using my pencil I traced each letter pushing rather hard (a slightly dull pencil works best)

then turned each one at a time upside down onto the wrong side of the denim. I then went to town scribbling on the backs of each letter making sure not to let the paper move.


when you lift up the paper you then have a very light pencil marking of the letter. I have traced this one in pen because you can’t see it well enough in the photo with just pencil.



Then I cut them all out and voila! I have his name in denim!

Then I simply laid it out on a piece of t-shirt I had cut off  and pinned them together. I then used large stitches in red to sew them together.


after that I sewed the t-shirt material to the right side of the other leg using the name as a loose guide and cut off the extra.

then put the pant leg right sides together and sewed off the 2 sides and turned right side out. Then stuff with cotton and sew the remaining end together using a hidden stitch by hand and here is the finished product!


So what do you think? Should I add a train applique?




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