I have been very busy with the holiday visits and visitors, not to mention crafting and home school. I am also taking some classes myself now.
I wanted to share with you what I did this weekend. I’ve been fitted the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds for the Indy market supporting local artists in and crafters  My head whirled as I walked through the aisles seeing all the creations made right here in Oklahoma! It made me proud to be part of this great state!

Here are four of the business cards I picked up

2012-12-11 12.05.09 2012-12-11 12.04.42

there are 2 pics here because 3/4 of them had print on both sides!

(moving clockwise from the top left)

I must admit Jack Fowler by far has my favorite business card! To me it just says it is my art that is important and not my business card, here go see it! Trust me his art is beautiful, bold and inspiring. I was so happy to be able to see some of it in real life. If you have the time you should really go and visit http://jackfowlerart.com/.

Next on the table is Mark Fuller and his beautiful pottery.  This pottery is inspired by nature and the colors are my absolute favorite. They are fired in a way that the pots and glazes are food safe, dishwasher safe and microwave compatible.  If pottery is your obsession (even if it isn’t, this artist could change your mind) click on over and visit http://www.soartgallery.com/Mark-Fuller.html

The third one is Storey and Pip Handmade by Ashlee Baker  she has some wonderful things for babies. (she must know something she is on baby #8! Congrats to her!) I think the best discription of her is on the back of her card, “artist.mama.wife.maker” the first link above is for the Storey and Pip Handmade facebook page feel free to like it I did! and the second is her blog at http://www.ashleebaker.com/

The last one I have here is for Erin Cooper another great artist. She has some beautiful work in abstract painting (my favorite kind) you have to visit her blog  and see some of her work at http://pippinandpearl.com/

I am sorry I have not photos of their work, I wasn’t able to buy any and didn’t ask permission to copy any so please go visit the links and see what wonderful artist we have right here in Oklahoma!


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