If you will remember my last post I promised to begin posting again on Jan1. Well needless to say that didn’t quite happen and I have some explaining to do. We went out of town with the whole extended family for Christmas vacation which is why I knew I wouldn’t be posting then. But we found out that a dear friend of my son’s died 2 days before Christmas. As I was trying to figure out how to help my son cope with this loss I found myself thinking more and more about his mother who was still in icu at the time (they were in a car wreck, the other car ran a stop sign). Long story short my depression came rushing back. I do believe that I am about over the the hump that this caused in my life partly do to crocheting, partly to being thankful for my own children being there with me and knowing how lucky I was to be able to say that, and partly because I had to start my new job as a Tax Preparer on Jan 2. 

I know I have made references to how hard it is sometimes to make ends meet in this family and it seems to be getting harder and harder so I decided to take this job. I guess that while I was aware of how much I would be working during the tax season I didn’t realize just how long the tax season was. I have worked almost every day, and my kids who have gotten so used to me being there all day everyday have gone into a kind of shock. So what little time I have had off work we have been spending together as a family. I have made a few more hats and things but only have one pic to show you I am hoping to get pics of the others and  post but unfortunately I am not sure how often I will be posting between now and May! (or how much crocheting I will be able to squeeze in. I hope all is well will you all and here is a pic on me in my latest project!




(Sorry it is a little off focus)


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