Monday  Sunday: I did not take off like I was supposed to I couldn’t resist picking up a hook! so I worked on the August CAL for Meladora’s Creations. It is called a Butterfly Stitch Slouch Hat and here is how mine turned out…

Pink Butterfly Slouch Side

Then I started making some e-cig lanyards again (they are really handy when you are out and about!)

Monday: Think I finally finished painting on the walls! Next the carpet comes up!

Tuesday: I played around with furniture arrangement in my new Office! I also did a small photo bomb on my desk lamp.


Wednesday: Placement Test for my two youngest. Results, good and bad. Daughter passed and is going into the 6th grade as expected. Son didn’t do so well and will be joining my daughter in the 6th grade.  Also meet with the Lady from Oklahoma Tax Commission. She was very nice and informative on what has to be done for the first 6 months to make my business permit permanent.

Thursday: Had two custom orders come in one for the new pen holders they are similar to the e-cig holder and perfect for anyone who needs a pen throughout the day. Price will be $5 each here is a photo of the first one.

pen holder

And one that is completely crochet free! I will give you more information on it as it comes together.

Friday: Children got immunizations and I spend the better part of the day gathering the needed paper work to prove that I live in the school district. (this I think is getting out of hand) Finally got to the school with all of it just in the nick of time to notice i forgot to get their birth certificates out of the filing cabinet!

Saturday: Spent the day with my wonderful husband looking at craft items on a shopping trip I am sure he did not love as much as I did.

Sunday: I have finally figured out the perfect pen for my pen holders!


These soft feel nic pens work perfectly! Using them I don’t have to actually sew the pen in! I can leave the top open so that you can actually put in a new pen. Just a warning you will want a softfeel type of pen to replace this one with otherwise the thread will bunch up at the bottom as you write. The softfeel gives just enough texture to keep it from moving down the pen.

By the way the pen holders are now up on the store site so come on by and check them out along with all the other items. And remember custom items are available just email us at!


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