We have been getting ready for school all week! My 2 youngest are both now in Jr. High and will be starting today ( my oldest is in 11th and has already started) They are doing their last min independent grooming as we speak ( I still have final say on how they leave the house!)

I thought I would take this time to fill you in on what I have been able to do for Tangle with Tami store this past week.

My biggest and most proud thing is this bag

beige and beautiful bag insideoutside

I have never considered myself a seamstress so I was quite proud of the lining on this bag! I also love that it matches a hat and scarf set that is already in the store.

2013-01-10 07.57.46

they are my favorite set and to have all three pieces just tickles me pink!

I have also worked on some small squares for another small purse I am working on I still need to block them photo on that still to come.

That is about all I can think of that I have gotten made for the store this week, I did get to see my parents this weekend which is always wonderful!

What kind of items would you all like to see in the store?


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  1. chrisd says:

    It turned out so beautiful! Love the scarf set with the beautiful button.


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