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TULSA, Okla. — A Tulsa bakery company is opening a new factory in Poland because they can’t find qualified Oklahomans to work for them, according to an article in the latest issue of The Economist.

The “Best and brightest” article says BAMA Companies is “struggling to find Okies with the skills to fill even its most basic factory jobs.  Such posts require workers to think critically, yet graduates of local schools are often unable to read or do simple maths [sic].”

BAMA Companies’ boss, Paula Marshall, was quoted as saying “we hear that educated people are plentiful [in Poland].”

“That’s why we have to raise the bar in this state,” State Superintendent Janet Barresi said Thursday at a Greater OKC Chamber “State of the Schools” conference in Oklahoma City. “That’s what we’re focused on at the department is bringing more science and math to our schools. More programs. Make science…

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