This particular board had tons of wonderful crocheted items I liked this one the mostAmigurumi Doves

the next one I fell in love with was from this board (also full of great inspiration!)Giant crochet for wall decor!

Number 3, also a great board but I really love these ringsDIY ring~~~cute~~~

the next one I wish I could use (and again the whole board...) So wish I had a spare tire on back of my car!spare tire doily. These always crack me up.

last is from this (again great) board

Crochet Pattern: Infinity and Beyond Broomstick Lace Scarf | Speckless Blog


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  1. Kathryn Rubidoux says:

    The tire cover is outrageous in a good way, and I absolutely love the bluebird!


  2. sherrielite says:

    Hi, Tami, this is Sherri. How are you today? I vote for all of the above, and again, my favorite would also be the bird! I will soon send a picture of my daughter in her hats that her Grandmother made for her as she was growing up! Awesome gifts for baby girls. Hope you are doing well and staying on top of things…I am trying! I will be back in a few.


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