Oh my how time flies, or as Daddy would say “Time’s fun when you’re havin’ flies!”

Anyway! I just wanted to let everyone know what has kept me away so long. I drew a winner for the facebook grab bag giveaway…..this is what she will be receiving.

She doesn’t even know what is in it yet.

I am now working on putting on a g+ giveaway this month, so be sure to follow us there.

I am attempting the Blessed Mother Prayer Shawl by Kim Guzman from Ravelry.

I couldn’t get a pic here but you can follow the link.

Also! I have been doing my continuing education for my tax preparer job.  I (fingers crossed) am up for office manager this year and so I am starting my yearly training early so that I can help train others also. I have several hours that I have to have done by Dec. 31, so it consumes much of my time right now.

Along with all that the kids are back in public school this year (their choice not mine).  Believe it or not I think that is more taxing on my time than when they were home schooled.

I will blog again on Sunday evening. I am setting my reminder right now that is my goal here to blog something every Sunday !

I will see you again then! Have a great week!


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