BBC News – Shauna Richardson uses ‘croc

BBC News – Shauna Richardson uses ‘crochetdermy’ to transform Leicester shop

Ripple Stitch N’uff | HodgePodge Crochet

Ripple Stitch N’uff | HodgePodge Crochet #Freebies #Crochet

We have a Winner! Laurie Sexton!

We have a Winner! Laurie Sexton!



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Tangles top 5 Crochet for halloween.

I loved this one when I saw the pin!

skull bodice


But when I got to the link I saw this and nine other great crocheted halloween ideas!


I love the thought of using crochet to decorate and this guy is my favorite so far!.

spider web


Here in Oklahoma it seems that halloween is always cold. So I love the hats!  I could see these two on my little ones…..if they were still little!

batman hat



princess with braid hat


I always think of my brother when I see candy corn! He loved it! So there is no way that this throw was not going to make the list!

candy corn afgahn



7 more days to enter the grab bag giveaway!

7 more days to enter the grab bag giveaway!

Filet Crochet

Filet Crochet is something I had never even heard of until a few months ago….ok maybe a little longer than that (I am horrible with time frames). I just passed it off because I was busy with orders, family, and of course my real job.  I knew it was something I wanted to do but convinced myself that I didn’t have time to learn something new right then but I would get around to it. Time passed and of course life happened and I didn’t think about it again until I saw this

Blessed Mother Prayer Shawl on Ravelry

I was lead to it by a facebook post and decided that I loved it! and that it would be my first filet crochet work (when I got the time to do it.) It didn’t take long, a friend of mine saw it after i reposted it and asked me if I could make it! I kinda looked into it and told her that I would.

Here is how far I am now.

blessed mother first 18 rows

I am really proud of myself. I can’t wait to show you the finished product….

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Corner to Corner


As promised I am giving you an update on my tester C2C I have decided to go ahead and make it into a baby doll blanket and will be putting some kind of white edging on it. I didn’t really have much chance to work on it yesterday because we spent the day with family at the local amusement park. But this is what I have so far!


I really like how it is turning out and plan to add a yellow stripe and finish off with grey. I honestly can’t wait to do one full size!

In other news I am still waiting on the yarn to do the blessed mother prayer shawl, this is another project I am extremely excited about.

What challenging projects would you like to see more off?

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