Tired of all these Autism and ADHD brats!


Read before you react!

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10268546_1487432814806734_4018031423596980513_nWhen I was a kid they didn’t call it “Behavioral Disorders.”  They called it “Being a little brat!”  This is just ONE of many memes I have seen on my social networks. They are shared by my friends and family. I would like to think that is just the ignorant/uneducated who feel this way, but it isn’t.

Driving home from work a couple weeks ago, a college-educated peer told me that she felt that “most of these autism and adhd diagnoses” are fabricated.  Her son had some of the traits of a child with Autism/ADHD but HE doesn’t have Autism/ADHD so maybe it doesn’t really exist. She felt it was just an “excuse” for people NOT to parent. Did I mention she was COLLEGE EDUCATED?!?  She knew about my blog, my Asperger’s, and my beliefs, but since my thoughts are different from hers, of course mine MUST be wrong.  After…

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Oklahoman of the Year: Tracy Letts

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August-Osage-County-posterOKLAHOMA CITY — — Tulsa-born Tracy Letts, author of the acclaimed play “August: Osage County” has been named Oklahoman of the Year by Oklahoma Today magazine.

Letts also penned the screenplay for the Academy Award nominated film, shot on location in and around Bartlesville and Pawhuska.

Raised in Durant, Letts is the winner of a Tony Award for “best actor in a play” for his role in Edward Albee’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

Letts is profiled in the January/February 2014 issue of Oklahoma Today in an article written by his mother, New York Times and Oprah’s Book Club bestselling author Billie Letts.

“I wrote about times when my family was whole — my sons young, my husband still with us,” said Billie Letts of the piece. “They were some of the happiest years of my life.”

Tracy Letts, who lives in Chicago, is the author of five original plays…

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Blessed Mother Prayer Shawl

As you all know I have been working on the Blessed Mother Prayer Shawl. I was so excited and sure I would have it done by Friday (so that maybe I could get it delivered this week). I think you all saw the photo of me on the floor blocking. Just in case here it is again. 



Here it is after all the fighting to get it blocked to my liking.



I was working so happily, in such great anticipation I didn’t even realize that I was just short of enough yarn to fringe the whole thing. I ordered more yarn (of course it isn’t one I can just run to the store and get another one) and it should be finished by Wednesday! I am really happy with it so i took it out to take photos today anyway. 



Going to start on this Afghan today! I h

Going to start on this Afghan today! I haven’t done any for a while and got the urge! http://ow.ly/qRDio

Love blocking! Can’t wait to show you a

Love blocking! Can’t wait to show you all the finished product!!!



Crochet Concupiscence for Creative Croch

Crochet Concupiscence for Creative Crochet Art and Crafting http://ow.ly/qJBTo

Crochet couture – The New Indian Express

Crochet couture – The New Indian Express http://ow.ly/qJzWr

First Visit Rewards Customers using the

First Visit Rewards Customers using the @SquareWallet app get up to 50% off their first purchase. http://ow.ly/qJIDv

Crocheted Scrubbies – DIY – MOTHER EARTH

Crocheted Scrubbies – DIY – MOTHER EARTH NEWS http://ow.ly/qJzto