She has some wonderful products she is giving away here! and I love her blog wish I would of found it sooner!

not your average crochet

It’s to celebrate having so many followers!  Originally it was going to be celebrating 50 followers, but I have 82 now, which is so exciting!

what you get:

First, you get 5 small skeins of different kinds of yarns from KnitPicks.  Personally I like all of them, but the reason I’m sharing these with you is because they are all easy care, and hopefully you’ve never tried them before and can use something new!

Next, you get 3 hooks.  This is what took so long.  I tried to buy 3 Brittany hooks and they were out of 2 of them, so they had to substitute Surina hooks instead.  I think that’s fine, as each of these hooks looks lovely and functional at the same time.  So you get a D hook, an H hook, and a J hook.  I got these sizes because these are the ones I use most…

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